Saturday, September 4, 2010

Great Sponsorship thoughts...and then Life!

From August Issue:
IEG Sponsor Report
: What are the attributes of a good property partner? What do they do that other properties should emulate?
Andy Allman (Southwest Airlines): They become problem-solvers for us. They are interested in what we are trying to accomplish, as opposed to what they have to sell.
It’s frustrating. I have ten emails from properties telling me how their footprint matches up with ours, and therefore I need to be a sponsor. That has nothing to do with what I need in the market.
In a good sponsorship, the property tries to understand what I am trying to accomplish, either in the individual market or on a bigger scale, and how they can be a solution to that challenge.

I love when I read sponsorship information that is so very true and understood, but so rarely done. Sponsorship pros are constantly told that they need to really understand a brands mission, but they so rarely do that. I am not sure if it is because they are too busy dialing for dollars, but eventually what they will discover is that you may talk a company into a deal, but they will rarely renew their deal the next year and you are spend spinning your wheels, year after year.
But maybe it is because they don't take the time to build the relationships needed to really focus on the brands marketing strategy and creating something that would work within their event or property. Whatever it is, I am grateful to have been taught years ago how important the relationship is, and that the amount of time spent building that relationship will be worth millions later.
Hopefully everyone in sales understands the value of relationships. But in sponsorships, it is especially valuable!!! I am grateful for the relationships I have!!
With that said, we had a great day in regards to the Menchie's SouthNashDash sign ups! We are tracking very well know and will hopefully make a little bit of money. In all honesty I just want to make enough money to share it with the great people who have shared their talents to make this event a success! People like Drew and Lacey Williams, Shannon Harris, Nathan, Brumley, Sheri Ferguson and Kathy Niznik; I could do none of this without their help!
Overall I had a tough week balancing work and motherhood, in fact I took a 3 hour nap on Wednesday and apparently sent my husband into a tailspin. He couldn't get in touch with me and even looked for help on facebook and among my close friends. So in the future I may be posting nap time so you all know where I am and why I am not answering my phone!
It was just a lot of juggling. I have the research in hand to really dig into Giandi's Catering, I have a neat opportunity to entertain potential sponsors at the Disney on Ice Toy Story 3 opening night, and I have been reaching out to a ton of companies to get them on board with the Brad Sugars: Business is Booming Tour. And lets not forget this little 5K that I own, promote and operate, which will take place on Sept 18th!
Last year Rob did the race with a committee of about 5 neighborhood folks and he was a mess for the last month and very difficult to deal with. Thursday he said "was I this bad last year?" So I guess he was letting me know that I was a disaster! But as long as the event runs smoothly, I will be happy!
I am getting better at saying "not now" , I haven 't quite figured out the word "no" yet, but I am making progress. With the two groups that came to me this week, hoping I would sell sponsorships for their events, I said "not until January". So that is better right?
I just can't do everything, I sure wish I could though! I am grateful for my friends and family for bearing with me over the past week and the upcoming 2 weeks, it could get ugly! And I am even more grateful for the Sabbath tomorrow, because I can't work. So for 24 hours, I will enjoy my beautiful family, remember my Creator, show my gratitude for the Atonement, and accept the Day of Rest!
I hope you all will be able to do the same! Have a great Labor Day!

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