Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Left out of a Pandora Club

Last night while watching TV I noticed a few "Pandora" brand bracelet knock-offs. I was reminded how many women around me have Pandora bracelets and seem to be in a Pandora club of sorts; and I have been totally left out. I pointed out to my husband that bracelets are my favorite type of jewelry, with that knowledge, how did I get left out of such a popular trend?? Hubby's grandma bought them for all of the daughters, daughters in law and grand-daughters, except me of course. And each holiday they all get new charms from her. Except me... And then on a recent trip to Carlsbad, CA I noticed that my aunt and cousins all had Pandora bracelets and by the door was a new Pandora bag ready to take to my cousins house for her birthday party. Once again, I am totally not included! I feel so left out! And surprisingly it really bothers me!
I guess this is a perfect example of overactive emotions due to Pregnancy hormones! Oh well!
Pregnancy has brought on a whole new batch of emotions, feelings and priorities that I didn't expect. It is so much different this time than it was 12 years ago. I am less worried about post birth, because I have been with my step daughters for 4 years now. But the pregnancy thing is a little tougher. First of all, the hunger and nausea! I have already gained 5 lbs and am only 8 wks pregnant! I shouldn't have gained anything, I seem to remember no one knowing I was pregnant at this point 12 years ago. Now I just look fat, and am so uncomfortable in anything except pajamas!
And sleep. I don't know if it is possible for me to sleep anymore than I am currently. But when I am asleep I don't feel so yucky, so I am a big fan of sleeping these days. I tend to have morning sickness all day long every day, which also makes it tough to think about working in any capacity. Whether it be folding laundry or making sales calls. I just feel like crap. I know it is wearing on my husband, but I don't really know what I can do about it. I am grateful that this is only for 9 months and hope that he can stick with me for that long. It is so hard to understand how something the size of a peanut can completely take over my body. I'm like a zombie living inside the skin of Kristy Barkley, hopefully I won't due too much damage between now and June 17th!!
Pray for all those unfortunate enough to be stuck with me! And add me to a Pandora club if you have one!!