Friday, August 27, 2010

And So It Begins...

Back in May I was having a lot of health issues, and as a family we decided that I would resign and focus on the kids, thus becoming a stay at home mom for the first time in my life. The kids are 12, 7 and 3 now, so it made sense. I would rest during the day and when they were home I would spend my healthy hours with them. And then Dr. Knotts entered my life. Who would have thought that a chiropractor would change everything? Suddenly I am feeling better than I have in years...An offer to do contract work here and there pop up and I take them because I feel good and it would help the family if I continue to make some money. Before I know it, it is August and I am just leaving the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce (a job I loved!!!), and I already have 5 clients. How did this happen? Just a few months ago, my husband and I were talking about what I would do with the rest of my life. And I said "I'm going to write a book". I had big plans, I could write while the kids were in school and clean up a little and cook a little and drive carpool a little. I planned to do a lot of things for my family - a little. I also planned to fit a lot of exercise and naps into my schedule. But that isn't the way it has worked out.
Today, I am starting a blog, because I obviously won't be writing a book anytime soon! Heck, at the rate I am going, I won't be doing laundry anytime soon either! So what am I working on you ask? First is the 2nd Annual Menchie's South Nash Dash 5K. Thank goodness it will be over September 18th! It takes a lot of work to put on a 5K, get the sponsors and vendors on board and get people excited to run! My second project is one that my hubby asked me to take on for a very close friend of ours. I will be the brand manager for a robot he built called, Maxx. It is just a coincidence that my company was named MaxxV (Maxx Five) a few years ago. The Robot is amazing and I hope to get him booked in many many places, so that his owner can stop working as a valet. My third project is for Giandi's Catering. They do a wonderful job! But unfortunately they are stuck in the cycle of a ton of low cost meals. My goal is to get them a few high cost meals, they deserve it and they can pull it off if given the opportunity! Fourth, I am trying to get sponsors hooked into a Business is Booming conference with Brad Sugars, it will be in Nashville on Sept 29th. I really need to get moving on that one!! Also, I will be going back to do some work with HRG and when finalized, that contract could be a huge one. More on that later :)
So my plan with the blog is to talk about how I do it all each day. I know there are working moms out there everywhere who are barely hanging on to their sanity. And there are some stay at home moms who wish they had another adult to talk to! So for the working mom, I hope to share some tips on how I am getting it all done. And for the stay at home moms, you can live vicariously through me! You will read some posts and remember why you don't want a paying job. And you may read other posts and have some suggestions for me. Just because you are playing with the kiddos and monitoring the home front, does not mean you have to let you marketing juices stop flowing!
So, for now it begins, thank you all for taking this journey with me!


  1. I am sooo happy you have a blog. YEAH! Can't wait to read your creative juices.

  2. Oooh I'm excited to follow your bog. Congrats on your success thus far. You ROCK!!!